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TACT HOME CO., LTD. offers quality housing at low prices mainly in the popular Tokyo metropolitan area and helps realize the dream of owing home for your family.

Description of Business

In the real property sales business, which is TACT HOME's main business, we provide a series of services from purchasing the lot to planning the project, designing and constructing the building, sales and after-sales service mainly for family housing. 

Change in number of houses for sales

Three Features of TACT HOME

01.Business Operations Mainly in the Areas with High Demand for Housing

We have our sales offices mainly in the following areas where high demand for housing exists: the Tokyo metropolitan area (Tokyo, Saitama, Kanagawa and Chiba Prefectures); the Tokai region (Aichi Prefecture); and the Tohoku region (Miyagi Prefecture).
We have been trying to establish a community-based, organic and efficient network based on the spirit of coexistence and co-prosperity with local companies.
Moreover, in the future, we are planning to expand our business throughout Japan acting on TACT HOME's management creed.

02.Establishing an Integrated System

Our company conducts the entire process from purchasing the lot to design, construction, sales and providing after-sales service. We fulfill our responsibilities as a seller and are able to offer "selected housing" by giving feedback in a timely manner to respond to diversified needs.

03.Introduction of Integrated & Exclusive Service System

We have a system in place where an individual sales staff is involved in the entire process from purchasing the lot to design, construction, sales and providing after-sales service.
Under this service system, we conduct customer-oriented sales activities by developing multi-talented human resources with sense of responsibility and passion.

Other busineses

For our other businesses, we conduct contracting of construction business mainly for family housing and real estate leasing (for tenant use) business. We are not actively expanding the contracting of construction business and the real estate leasing business in view of profitability and efficiency in those businesses.

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