2. Investor Relations
  3. Disclosure Policy

Disclosure Policy

(1) Basic Policy

Considering our position as a public company, we implement corporate governance with our business responsibility towards stakeholders in mind.

Our basic policy is to try to strengthen the relationship with our stakeholders by disclosing accurate information promptly and fairly, based on the relevant regulations and our company's regulations "Insider Trading Management Regulations."  

(2)How Information is Disclosed

We disclose our information by registering it to TDnet, which is run and managed by Tokyo Stock Exchange, dropping documents to the press (Kabuto club), and posting these documents on our website.

Moreover, in regard to our annual securities report based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, we disclose this information by registering it on the EDINET system.

(3)Period of Voluntary Restraint

For the purpose of preventing leaks of information related to business results and ensuring fairness, our company voluntarily refrains from IR activities from the following day of settlement date until the release date of the business results. We appreciate your understanding.

Even during the voluntary restraint period, we will respond to your questions regarding facts we have already released, so please feel free to contact us.

Term Settlement date IR voluntary restrain period
The first quarter August 31 From September 1 to the release of first quarter earnings report (late September)
Interim period November 30 From December 1 to the release of interim business results (mid-January)
The third quarter February 28 From March 1 to the release of third quarter earnings report (late March
Full business year May 31 From June 1 to the release of business results (mid-July)
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